Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Ground Control to Major Sam?

At the risk of turning into a "movie news" site, we have more... well... movie news today.

"Moon" is a new project in production, the first full length movie from director Duncan Jones, better known for directing advertisments, particularly a well recieved French Connection campaign, and music videos. The film is set to star Sam Rockwell as an astronaut who becomes stranded on the moon and has to survive there for three years before a rescue can be attempted.

Of course, readers to this site are interested in this because Duncan Jones is more familiar to them under another name, his full name being Duncan Zowie Heywood Jones, or Zowie Bowie as he is better remembered. Bowie's son by first wife Angie, he is also of course the subject of the song Kooks on the Hunky Dory album.

The script is by Nathan Parker, and doesn't the plot sound a bit like it might have been inspired by this?

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